Adios Anorexia
Q: How did you help Lucy?

If you’re asking because of the post Lydia made I’m not actually sure how I helped! Me and Lydia don’t even need to say anything because she helps me every day and I’m hoping its the same way for her! Obviously I’m not with her and we are in completely different time zones so I’m just trying to make her proud. Inspire her so that she believes she can recover. its possible for me and my best friend and everyone else. Also II hope she does know that its very important to kick ass and get back on track because we have lots of very important things to do together!! (Like hollidaying and seeing her and doggy cuddling and being mades of honours and godmothers and so much else!!!)

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r u ever scared to walk past a group of teenagers even though you are also a teenager

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Things I keep saying, that I kind of can’t believe need to be said.

1. Bodies are not public property. They are private homes. You have no idea what is going on there.
2. Health is not a contest or an appearance.
3. There is nothing positive that comes from judging or shaming another’s body.
4. “Yelling” at strangers on the internet or in life about body type/size/attractiveness is not health activism. It is not about health.
5. Worth is not measured in pounds, in sex appeal or through another’s gaze. You determine your own worth.
6. Autonomy matters.

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