Adios Anorexia
Q: Are you doing minnie maud? :) xxxx

I wouldn’t put a label on what I’m doing because I don’t think it needs one. Mm was really helpful when I was in a lost stage but now I’m putting together pieces of recovery that fit for me. For example I still try to eat intuitively and not weigh myself but I do some exercise. Either way I’m eat 2500+ and there is no relapses sneaking in here

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Q: You look so nice in your uniform!! 😃

Thank you!! I feel so silly in it but I think I just need to get used to wearing it. Aah I’m on my way to school now

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Recovery isn’t a buffet. You can’t pick and choose what parts you want to do and what parts you don’t want to do. The only way out is through. (via kidsontherunn)

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